Sport hovercraft are challenging machines. And because of those challenges, they are also the most engaging pastime you will have.

The focus of the past has been to just make them work adequately and keep them working adequately.

What I want to do here is create the technology to make them the truly incredible machines that they are.

Sport hovercraft for the homebuilder


Foam sandwich construction
Range of engines
Based on the Revtech Renegade

New style extended segments

PMX skirts

Used on hundreds of craft worldwide

Articles and Builder’s Logs

The TP6 – phase 2

After the experience of the first phase of the new bag skirt for Peter Venn’s TP6 craft, we had some new design criteria: reduce the spray coming over the bow. read more……

Trevors build 20

Here are a few videos of the late stages of the build and also early test runs. The craft is performing well and we just need lockdowns to end and. read more……

More articles…