A quick bio

Started building my first craft with my Dad at 13. It took forever (3 years) but learnt all the basic skills. It was a Hoverscout because they were the only plans we could find through the newly formed local club. It turned out that they weren’t particularly useful since the key element, the skirt, was completely token.

Then studied Mechanical Engineering at Melbourne University and learnt the physics of hovercraft. Fortunately, in my final year, the Mechanical Engineering School held a option for third year students on hovercraft. They kindly allowed me to attend the lectures and workshops but really didn’t learn anything new. They were really only teaching about 1960s craft.

Career employment included airline Technical Services as well as stints in tram and bus management. Later areas were automotive component production, project management and project consulting with an ever increasing IT component.

The key hovercraft activity was Turbo Hovercraft from 1985 to 1989. It was a partnership with Owen Ellis and we produced the plan and kit sets for the Turbo 225 and 235 craft (many of which are still running today) and the complete craft, Vortex 245 (eventually renamed ASV). During that time, a hovercraft display team was created, managed by Ken Osmond, and we performed at many major events around the east coast of Australia.

Turbo Hovercraft had the added element of providing a lifestyle for the homebuilder. Not only did we supply the plans, instructions and materials for personal hovercraft, we also provided a lifestyle.


As I became more involved in web based projects and development, I could see the potential for providing plans and instructions via the WWW.

Dycomp Pty Ltd. ACN 114152162 trading as PM Hovercraft Technology. Dycomp Pty Ltd is the Trustee of the Moody Family Trust ABN 43059258473.

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