Based on the successful Revtech Renegade developed by Owen Ellis, the PMR1 is a full foam composite craft that any craftsman can make.

The construction techniques are simple and don’t require any special technical skills.

Download this 3D PDF for a better view of the hull.

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Features of PMR1

  • Full foam composite construction
    • full size shape templates – no measuring
    • cut panels with a knife
    • join pieces of foam to create larger panels
    • fixture panels with hot glue
  • Hydrodynamic planing hull
    • minimal effects of nose down water contact
    • structural reinforcement of potential contact panels
  • Low spray skirt
  • Forward cockpit space
    • stretch your legs out
    • stow gear at forward end
    • add ballast for light pilots
  • Capable of accepting different engine types and sizes
  • Enviable Revtech Renegade performance
  • Soft Touch cockpit sides
  • Structurally integrated lifting points
  • Large built-in buoyancy cavities
  • Fully modular power module
    • Engine, transmission and duct are all flexibly mounted, minimising vibration
    • Based on the 750cc V Twin engine
    • Synchronous belt drive
    • Industrial ventilation fan
  • A proven design with a 30 year lineage

Build the PMR1

The ‘plans’ consist of:

  • a license to build,
  • several packages of drawings, plan sheets and templates,
  • access to all the build instructions, videos and 3D models, and
  • inclusion in the build community.

Because we know that self builders add their touch to each craft built to plans, the design is flexible.

The templates package consists of ten full size template drawings with all the panels laid out ready to cut. The functional elements of the hull are roughly grouped allowing for personal options of the duct and seat.

There is no measuring out – no mistakes to be made. Just print and apply to your sheets as a cutting template

Build support

PMR1 is offered as a fully online plan set. We make use of the latest web technologies to give you deep insight to what you are making. The instructions incorporate drill down views, videos and photos to ensure that you are in complete control of your build.

View examples of the build pages

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