The PMX series was a name that emerged several years ago when I saw the complexity some owners were using to incorporate wear panels on new skirts. They were adapting the original Turbo Hovercraft skirt (now PMX1) by adding a wear panel from first manufacture. The pattern was never intended for that kind of manufacture and the resulting skirts were never satisfactory.

This drawing is free to download and consists of full size dimensioned cut out template, instructions to assemble and a side profile of the hull that they fit.


The original Turbo hovercraft skirt from 1984. Thousands of these skirts have been worn to shreds on hundreds of the Turbo stable of craft.

A single material skirt with low spray and good crush resistance.


Distinguished by its two upper panels and a wear panel, the PMX2 has a definite angular appearance. Designed as a two material skirt, it has good layout efficiency and leaves few offcuts. The instructions include details on how to replace the wear panel.

PMX2 – 2 panel, 2 material segment

All skirt PDF files include:

  • fullsize dimensioned drawings,
  • assembly instructions,
  • instructions for printing large drawings on home printers and
  • a dimensioned cross section drawing of the hull and fitted skirt.

Last Updated on 23/02/2023 by Paul Moody